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This page is dedicated to the articles we are interested in! Here you will find Classic Mini related articles that are shared memories and interests amongst our club. 

These articles are extensions of our monthly magazine, accessed only as a member.

A Tale of Two Islands
New Zealand Mini Nationals in Nelson! 2023

Below is the link to this article please click to view.

Make sure to go to our  gallery  to view The Full Nelson Nationals Photo Album!


A Tale of Two Islands Article  < Click Here


Article excerpt from – MOTOR magazine, week ending August 27 1966

Get it going backwards – by Anthony Curtis.

Below is  Pg. 1 and 2, Click on them to view.

John Rhodes pic.jpg


Dvr. Spud Tait


PTaitO = Potato -> Spud!

Team Snail img065 (2) (1).jpg

From Honorary Minis Waikato member - Peter Levet.

Here is the 1973 Heatway Rally Article as it relates to the ex-NZMC Mini 1275GT's - most of the event was run under cover of darkness, and also sadly Andrew Cowan was out of contention after mechanical issues.

Below is Peter Levet's Report Pg 1 and 2, Click on them to view.

Peter Levet report p1.jpg
Peter Levet report p2.jpg
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