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About the club

The 'Minis Waikato Inc' is a name change from 'The Mini Cooper Enthusiasts Club Inc' which was formed in June 1989 to cater for the owners of all minis including: Riley Elfs, Wolsley, Hornets, Mokes, Vans, Utes and "Specials".

Ownership of a mini/MINI is not required to join the club, merely being an enthusiast of the mini qualifies you to become a member. Also if you own a "front wheel drive, A series engine" car see below.

The Club aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and friendly competition among mini enthusiasts and help preserve examples of the worlds first space saving, front wheel drive automobile

Do you own a "front wheel drive, A series engine' car?
At the 2016 AGM it was agreed that all "front wheel drive, 'A series' engine cars" would be welcome to join our club e.g. all marques of 1100 & 1300, Allegro and Metro.
We already have a few candidates in the club and look forward to seeing a few more in the future.

Why join?

By joining Minis Waikato you will be able to...
  • Attend Events and meet other people who share a common interest
  • Take advantage of knowledge that mini enthusiasts gather over the years of driving and working on their own cars
  • Get advice on how to do minor repairs on your mini/A series engine yourself. What you think may be a big job can sometimes to be relatively easy with the right advice and tools
  • Gain access to local knowledge on parts suppliers and recommendations on the best parts to use or avoid
  • Get recommendations on mechanics that are familiar with the mini/A series engine and can do those repairs you don't want to do yourself
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Facebook - Minis Waikato
In 2011 a couple of enthusiastic members set up their own Minis Waikato Group page on facebook - it is well worth a look!